Reporting statistics about chronic disease in a concise and standardised way will enable researchers, policy makers, and health program managers to measure changes in patterns of chronic disease and its determinants (risk factors), monitor outcomes of interventions and
health programs, and assess needs for future health services for the population. To date, information about chronic disease (and determinants) has been problematic in terms of consistency and comparability.

This report describes the key indicators of progress for chronic disease and associated determinants (the Indicator set), and is a reference tool for anyone who wishes to measure and report the progress in the prevention of chronic disease in Australia.

This report pulls together and specifies the 42 indicators, out of the 400 that currently exist in Australia, each relating to chronic disease, an associated risk factor, or the health environment. For each of these indicators, technical information, such as what data sources
to use and recommended ways of reporting, is included.