James O’Loghlin, broadcaster and host of the New Inventors program on ABC TV was considering the sort of world that METeOR, the AIHW’s new metadata online registry, could help, in a small but important way, to put into the kind of order that ordinary humans can cope with. James was launching METeOR at the National Museum of Australia, assisted by the Chair of the AIHW Board, Peter Collins, the Director of the AIHW, Richard Madden, Head of the AIHW Business and Information Management Division, Anny Stuer, and Head of the AIHW Metadata Management Unit, David Braddock.

For readers not yet familiar with it, METeOR (METadata [electronic] Online Registry) combines an innovative metadata registry concept and state of the art technology to help ensure absolute consistency in health and welfare metadata (or ‘data about data’). This will result in more comparable and accurate statistics.