Table of contents

  • Preliminary material
    • Title page
    • Introduction
    • Table of contents
  • Sections
    • Output Group 1: Specific services to the Minister and Parliament required under the
      AIHW Act
    • Output Group 2: National leadership in health-related and welfare-related
      information and statistics
      • National information development standards and products
        • National Health, Community Services and Housing Assistance Information
    • Output Group 3: Collection and production of health-related and welfare-related information and
      statistics to governments, non-governments and community organisations
    • Health Division Work Plan
      • Health of Australians and of specific populations
        • Health indicators and summary health information
        • Disease monitoring
        • Other dimensions of health
        • Health of population groups
      • Health determinants and risk factors
      • Health services
        • General practice services
        • Adult access to dental care
        • Palliative care data development
    • Welfare Division Work Plan
      • Housing Assistance
      • Supported Accommodation and Crisis Services
      • Functioning and Disability
      • Children, Youth and Families Subprogram
    • Resource Division Work Plan
      • Summary Measures
      • Hospitals and Mental Health Services
        • Mental Health Services
        • Labour Force and Rural Health
        • Health and Welfare Expenditure
        • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and Welfare Unit