This report describes our performance from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, in accordance with objectives outlined in our Corporate plan 2020–21 and measures in the Health Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21.

It outlines work the AIHW has undertaken in 2020–21, presents financial statements, explains our staffing profile and identifies plans to meet the challenges in the year ahead.

The index at Appendix 5 provides details of our compliance with legislative and regulatory reporting requirements for annual reports.

Our highlights

Achieved 10 out of 11 performance measures
86.2% of annual products released within 6 months of receipt of final data
270 products released
201 customised data requests and 97 data linkages completed
5.9 million website visits
5,129 media mentions
22,871 Twitter followers
7,563 LinkedIn followers