Our vision for reconciliation

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare supports the principles of reconciliation and is committed to working towards them. We acknowledge Indigenous people as custodians of the land, and respect and value the persity of Indigenous cultures in Australia.

Consistent with the Institute’s mission, we will inform community debate and support the development of public policy in Indigenous health and welfare through well-considered data development, collection, analysis and reporting.

Our objectives for the AIHW Reconciliation Action Plan July 2014 to June 2017 are:

  1. Provide training opportunities and encourage employment of Indigenous people at the AIHW.
  2. Enhance awareness of Indigenous cultures at the AIHW.
  3. Inform and shape policy and community debate by highlighting issues affecting Indigenous people through statistics and relevant information and advice.

Through this RAP the AIHW is focused on directly increasing training, support and participation of Indigenous people in our workforce. This will enhance the benefits the Institute already enjoys from drawing on the specialist services and unique perspectives of our Indigenous employees.