PDF report table of contents

Preliminary material (34kB PDF)
List of tables; List of appendix tables; List of figures; List of boxes; Preface; Summary; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations

  1. Overview (83kB PDF)
    • Service recipient data
    • Service data
  2. Introduction (19kB PDF)
    • CSDA MDS collections
    • How the collection was conducted
    • Scope and limitations of the collection
  3. Service recipient data (618kB PDF)
    • Disability type
    • Country of birth
    • Indigenous origin
    • Communication
    • Frequency and area of support
    • Income source
    • Accommodation
    • State distribution
  4. Service data (70kB PDF)
    • State distribution
    • Service income from governments
    • Auspice
    • Operating periods
    • Staff hours
  5. Performance indicators (69kB PDF)
    • Recent developments
    • 'Potential population'
    • National performance indicators of effectiveness
  6. Uses, data quality and future of the collection (32kB PDF)
    • Collection uses
    • Response rates and data quality
    • Ongoing data development
    • Data quality and future collections

End matter (101kB PDF)

  • Appendixes
    • Appendix 1: List of papers and publications on the CSDA MDS collections
    • Appendix 2: Framework of performance indicators for disability services
    • Appendix 3: Key changes and proposed changes to the CSDA MDS collections 1994-1997
    • Appendix 4: Method for calculating the 'potential population' denominator data used for national performance indicators for disability support services
    • Appendix 5: Detailed tables
  • References