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Preliminary material: List of tables, appendix tables, figures and boxes​; Preface Acknowledgments; Abbreviations

  1. Summary 

  2. Introduction 

    1. CSDA MDS collections
    2. Collection method and data included
    3. Scope of the collection
    4. Counts in the collection
    5. Applications of the CSDA MDS data
    6. Interactive disability data
    7. Recent changes in the collection
    8. Redevelopment of the CSDA MDS collection
  3. Consumers of CSDA services

    1. State distribution and service type
    2. Age, sex and disability group
    3. Trends in age
    4. Disability group and service type
    5. Country of birth
    6. Indigenous status
    7. Communication
    8. Life areas and frequency of support
    9. Income source
    10. Living arrangements and accommodation
    11. Urban, rural and remote area distribution
  4. Consumers of multiple services 

    1. Combinations of services used
    2. Use of services 1999 and 2001
  5. CSDA service outlets 

    1. Auspice
    2. State distribution
    3. Staff hours
  6. Data quality and development of the collection 

    1. Response rates and data quality


  1. Recent papers and publications using the CSDA MDS collections 
  2. Detailed tables 
  3. CSDA MDS 2001 collection forms 
  4. Using the statistical linkage key 
  5. English Proficiency (EP) groupings by country of birth 

End matter: References