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Preliminary material: Acknowledgments; Abbreviations



  • National Disability Agreement
  • The DS NMDS collection

What are disability support services?

  • Who provides disability support services?
  • How many people used disability support services?
  • How many people who need disability support services receive them?
  • How much was spent on disability support services?

Who uses disability support services?

  • Age and sex
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status
  • Country of birth
  • Living arrangements
  • Remoteness
  • Income source
  • Employment
  • New users and user exits

What were the functional needs of service users?

  • What types of disability did people have?
  • In what life areas was assistance needed?

Informal care

  • How many service users had an informal carer?
  • Who provided informal care?

How were services used?

  • Multiple service users
  • Combinations of services accessed
  • Measures of service quantity

Appendix A: About the DS NMDS

  • A.1 Brief history
  • A.2 Scope of the collection
  • A.3 Counts and definitions
  • A.4 Statistical linkage key
  • A.5 Data quality
  • A.7 Calculation of potential population
  • A.8 Further information

Appendix B: Additional tables

End matter: Glossary; References; List of tables; List of figures