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Preliminary material: List of tables; List of figures; Acknowledgements


  1. Introduction: People with disabilities and employment 

    • Disability in Australia
    • Employment services in Australia
    • NIMS data system and its development
  2. Service providers

    • Numbers of open employment services
    • Staff numbers
    • Client numbers
    • Open employment outlets and predominant disability groups
  3. Client characteristics 

  4. Job characteristics

    • Numbers of jobs
    • Wages of jobs
    • Job hours per week
    • Reasons for jobs ending
    • Duration of jobs
  5. Job experience of clients

    • Job history
    • Measures of job experience
    • Job experience of male and female workers
    • Job experience by age
    • Job experience by Indigenous and South Sea Islander status
    • Job experience by preferred spoken language
    • Job experience by primary disability
    • Job experience and prescence of other disability
    • Job experience and frequency of assistance required for activities of daily living
    • Job experience and type of living arrangement
    • Job experience and referral source
    • Job experience, employment basis, occupation and industry
    • Job experience by State and Territory
    • Job experience and location
  6. Client support 

    • Total hours of support
    • Support for workers and non-workers
    • Client support and client characteristics
    • Client support and characteristics of primary job
    • Client support by State or Territory and location


  • Appendix 1: Technical notes
  • Appendix 2: Codes update

End matter: Glossary; References