This In brief was prepared by Alexandra Palamara, Sumaiyah Qureshi, and Anastasia Sartbayeva of the Disability Unit at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The associated online report, People with disability in Australia, was prepared by Davis Hopkins, Alexandra Palamara, Sumaiyah Qureshi, Anastasia Sartbayeva, and Carla Willrodt, with assistance provided by Ashna Gera, Adam Grant, Sakthi Senda, and Putri Wardhani.

The AIHW’s Disability Analysis and Reporting Advisory Group, Louise York (Head, Community Services Group), David Braddock, Rachelle Graham, Joanne Groube, Melinda Leake, Leah Newman and Nikki Schroder provided valuable comments on the draft report. The authors thank individual staff members at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the National Disability Insurance Agency and the Department of Social Services for their constructive comments and advice.

This report was funded by the Department of Social Services.