Revisions of estimates

Please note that the data and tables in the online publication and publication summary were accurate as of 29 October 2011. The AIHW sometimes revises its expenditure data on receipt of more up-to-date data from its data providers, however unless noted in the below list, these revisions are made to the expenditure data cubes only. For the most up-to-date data for all years relating to years 1999–2000 to 2009–10 please refer to the data cubes available under Expenditure data.

In addition to revisions to data cubes, revisions are sometimes made to the supplementary tables (publication tab), usually where the data being revised are not available in the data cubes. The most recent revision was made in March 2012.

Some components of Health expenditure Australia 2008-09 were revised since the publication release date.

Total recurrent expenditure, current price, for 2008–09 has increased by $645.9m to a total recurrent expenditure of $107,745m.

The areas of expenditure that had major revisions are discussed below.

Public Hospitals 

The large decrease to state and territory public hospital expenditure, offset by the increase in Australian Government public hospital expenditure, was mostly due to the late inclusion of the National Partnership payment on Hospital and Health Workforce Reform. The Commonwealth agreed to provide $3.0 billion over 5 years from 2008-09 under the National Partnership Agreement on Health and Workforce Reform. The National Partnership aims to improve public hospital services, including sub-acute care services and the operations of emergency departments.

As part of the agreement, $1,286.5m was provided to states late in 2008-09.  The expenditure was included as an offset to state expenditure.

Total non-government public hospital expenditure was revised from $2,593m to $2,676m.

Private Hospitals

Additional data on private free standing hospitals were updated, revising the expenditure by Individuals and Non-government Other.  The Total non-government expenditure was increase by $615m to $5,732m.

Dental Services

Australian Government dental service expenditure was revised by $58m. This is a late inclusion and forms part of Commonwealth expenditure on dental services.  This is separate from the Commonwealth dental programs payment for reduction of public dental waiting lists which is on hold, pending on passing through the Senate.

Community Health and Other

State and Territory government expenditure on Community Health and Other was revised down to $4,552m. Non-government expenditure was also revised down to $116m for Individuals and $61m for Other non-government expenditure.

Public Health 

Australian Government and State and Territory Government expenditure was revised downwards due to an update to Queensland, Tasmania and Northern Territory public health data. The Australian Government downward adjustment was by $8m while State and Territory Government expenditure was revised down by $18m.

Queensland’s public health expenditure by the Australian Government was revised down by $7m and increased by $8m for State government expenditure. Tasmania state government expenditure was revised down by $7m.  Northern territory government expenditure was decreased by $19m.


Due to the effect of some of the other revisions, State and Territory Administration expenditure was adjusted upwards by $5m.