Injuries were responsible for the third most health spending of all the burden of disease groups in 2015–16, accounting for an estimated $8.9 billion of health spending. This report provides estimates of health spending on injuries categorised according to both the nature and cause of the injury being treated or managed. Information is presented for total and per person spending by area of expenditure, patient demographics, Indigenous status, state, remoteness area, and the nature and external cause of injury based on the conditions included in the Australian Burden of Disease Study 2015.

  • Cat. no: HWE 78
Findings from this report:
  • Injuries accounted for an estimated $8.9 billion of spending in 2015–16

  • Hospital based services contributed to 78% of total injury-related spending

  • Around 41% ($3.7 billion) of injury expenditure was attributed to Falls

  • Per person injury spending was $397 for Indigenous Australians and $292 for non-Indigenous Australians