Monthly data

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) receives and aggregates data from over 1,700 specialist homelessness services agencies across Australia on a monthly basis. This site presents monthly data on the number of clients supported throughout each month since July 2017, by state, age and sex. Additional breakdowns by specific target groups, the reasons clients sought assistance, homelessness status, clients receiving financial support for short-term accommodation and nights in short-term accommodation are also included.

The data visualisation shows an interactive display with charts of monthly counts of clients by state and sex, separate charts for certain client groups, a population pyramid showing age and sex distributions for a selected time period and also counts of clients who sought services by their reason for seeking services. Data are available in the file available for download on this webpage.

Source data: Specialist homelessness services monthly data file (615KB XLS).

download icon Please use the ‘Download’ button within the dashboard to generate image or PDF versions of the data.

Notes about interpreting the data