The National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019: in brief is a companion report to the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019 report.

It presents the key findings from the main report to explore how tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs are used by people aged 14 and over in Australia. It also highlights how the survey results vary by age, geographic area, level of socioeconomic advantage and disadvantage, and a person’s education. All increases, decreases, or changes in estimates over time mentioned in this report are statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence unless specified otherwise.

The In brief and main report are accompanied by a range of other products, including state and territory fact sheets, more detailed technical information about the survey, and comprehensive data tables. There are also two data visualisations so users can explore the survey results by Primary Health Network areas and by various demographic and social characteristics (such as sexual orientation and educational attainment).

The 2022 National Drug Strategy Household Survey is currently being conducted across Australia. You may be selected to participate. Find out more at