In 2021–2022, over 238,000 injury hospitalisations were recorded for adult males in Australia. This report examines emergency department presentations, hospitalisations and deaths due to injury for adult males in 2021–22, as well as trends over a 10-year period. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the main types and causes of injury in adult males and describes variations among specific population groups and geographic areas.

  • Cat. no: INJCAT 239
Findings from this report:
  • In 2021–22, there were over 238,000 injury hospitalisations and over 8,700 injury-related deaths among adult males

  • Males aged 19–24 had the highest rate of ED presentation, while men aged 75+ represented most hospitalisations

  • Adult males are over 3 times more likely than females to be hospitalised for injuries caused by contact with objects

  • Nearly 33,000 transport injuries were recorded in adult males, almost 1 in 3 of which affected motorcycle riders