This report profiles causes of death over the twentieth century for males and females, at four levels of analysis.

First, total mortality statistics are presented as death rates, along with life expectancy.

The second level of analysis follows trends over the century for five major broad causes of death (each corresponding to the chapter level of the International Classification of Diseases) and two other broad conditions, with some reference to the more specific conditions they comprise.

The third level follows 20 of those specific conditions in more detail, showing their trends across all ages and within selected age groups.

The fourth level of analysis examines eight age groups, from infants to those aged 85 years or over, to show their death rates, their main causes of death, and how they have changed over time.

Note: in the statistics below, unless an age range is specified, death rates apply across all ages and are age-standardised (see Box 1.3, Chapter 1).