31 January 2024

  • Disaggregation of dashboard statistics by age group (0–15, 16–64, 65 and over) was a new addition to the release on 31 January 2024.
  • Comparison can be made between all 3 age groups for a selected area, or between an LGA, the LGA’s state/territory and Australia for a particular age group.

5 September 2023

  • Rolling 3 months statistics displayed on the dashboard for the release on 8 June 2023 were calculated as a simple average of 3 monthly statistics. This calculation was amended as described in the Technical notes, in the section ‘Dashboard statistics’.
  • Inclusion of rolling 12 months statistics was a new addition to the release on 5 September 2023.
  • There were minor revisions made to some implementation dates of policy changes to the Timeline of MBS Policy Changes.