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Preliminary material: Therapy by flowers; Introduction

Mental illness in Australia – prevalence and impact

  • Prevalence of mental illness
  • Impact of mental illness

Australia's mental healthcare system – an overview

  • Who receives mental health care?
  • Who provides mental health care?
  • Where is specialised mental healthcare provided?
  • How much does mental healthcare cost?

Mental health care services and support

  • Mental health care provided by general practitioners
  • Mental health-related services provided by psychologists
  • Mental health-related services provided by psychiatrists
  • Mental health-related medications
  • Community mental health care services provided by state and territory governments
  • State and territory residential mental health care services
  • Mental health services provided in emergency departments
  • Admitted patient mental health care
  • Personal Helpers and Mentors services
  • Specialist Homelessness Services
  • Psychiatric disability support services

Mental health care resources

  • Mental health workforce
  • Mental health services expenditure
  • State and territory specialised mental health care facilities and workforce

In focus 2014 – involuntary care and seclusion

  • Involuntary mental health care
  • Use of seclusion as a restrictive practice in mental health care services

Key Performance Indicators for Australian Public Mental Health Services

  • MHS KPI 2: 28 day readmission rate
  • MHS KPI 11: Rate of pre-admission community care
  • MHS KPI 12: Rate of post-discharge community care

End matter: Glossary; References