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Preliminary material: Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Summary 

1. Introduction 

2. Data development-clinical items 

3. Data development-non-clinical data items 

4. Data development-Maternity Care Classification System 

5. Maternal mortality 

6. Perinatal mortality 

7. Improving the availability of maternity data and metadata 



  • Appendix A: Perinatal National Minimum Data Set 
  • Appendix B: Members of groups and committees as at June 2015 
  • Appendix C: Stage 1 NMDDP priority data item list 
  • Appendix D: Rationale-screening for domestic violence data 
  • Appendix E: Psychosocial screening measurement instruments 
  • Appendix F: Maternity Information Matrix 
  • Appendix G: Perinatal data portal 

End matter: References; List of tables; List of figures; Related publications