Overweight and obesity are important public health issues in Australia, as health problems related to excess body weight impact our health care system, as well as individuals, families and the community.

National statistics can’t always show the full extent of an issue. This report shines a light on rates of overweight and obesity at the local level, presented by Primary Health Network (PHN) areas across Australia.

The report finds that in 2014–15:

  • The percentage of overweight or obese adults ranged from 53% in Northern Sydney to 73% in Country SA
  • Overweight and obesity rates were generally higher in regional PHN areas than in metropolitan PHN areas
  • After excluding adults who were overweight, the percentage of obese adults ranged from 16% in Central and Eastern Sydney to 38% in Country SA
  • The obesity rate was 25% or higher in 18 of the PHN areas for which results were available.