In 2001–2014, there were 292 certified suicide deaths among people with at least 1 day of ADF service since 2001. Of these:

  • 84 occurred in the serving full-time population
  • 66 occurred in the reserve population
  • 142 occurred in the ex-serving population
  • 272 were men and 20 were women.

After adjusting for age, when compared with all Australian men*, the suicide rate was:

  • 53% lower for men serving full-time**
  • 46% lower for men in the reserve**
  • 13% higher for ex-serving men
  • the comparative suicide rate for ex-serving men varied by age and was higher for those aged 18–24**.

* It was not possible to calculate valid comparisons for women.

** The difference in suicide rates was statistically significant.