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  • Fewer than 900 young people in detention on an average night
  • Numbers and rates in detention have decreased
  • Sentenced detention rate has decreased
  • Just over half of those in detention are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Trends vary between the states and territories

1. Introduction

  • Youth detention in Australia
  • Youth detention data

2. Trends in detention

  • Numbers
  • Rates

3. Trends in sentenced and unsentenced detention

  • Numbers
  • Rates

4. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

  • Numbers
  • Rates

5. State and territory trends

  • Numbers
  • Rates
  • Sentenced and unsentenced detention
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

Technical notes

  • Youth detention data sources
  • Methods and technical notes

End matter: Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Symbols; References; Related publications