The following tables provide a guide to the range and location of information available in the supplementary data tables.

Index of supplementary data tables
Characteristic Population
All young people under supervision
Community-based supervision
Age, sex, Indigenous status S1-S7 S36-S42 S74-S80
Trends S8-S18 S43-S55 S81-S93
First supervision S19-S20 S56-S57 S94-S97
Remoteness S21-S22 S58-S59 S98-S99
Socioeconomic status of usual residence S23-S24 S60-S61 S100-S101
Number of orders/supervision periods S25-S28 S62-S64 -
Time under supervision/supervision history S29-S35 S65-S73 S102-S104
Receptions/releases - - S105-S108
Legal status - - S109-S113
Detention type - - S114-S127
Index of jurisdiction-specific supplementary tables
State/territory Age group
Supervision type
Age group
All ages
Age group
New South Wales All S128a S129a
  Community-based S128b S129b
  Detention S128c S129c
Victoria All S130a S131a
  Community-based S130b S131b
  Detention S130c S131c
Queensland All S132a S133a
  Community-based S132b S133b
  Detention S132c S133c
Western Australia All S134a S135a
  Community-based S134b S135b
  Detention S134c S135c
South Australia All S136a S137a
  Community-based S136b S137b
  Detention S136c S137c
Tasmania All S138a S139a
  Community-based S138b S139b
  Detention S138c S139c
Australian Capital Territory All S140a S141a
  Community-based S140b S141b
  Detention S140c S141c
Northern Territory All S142a S143a
  Community-based S142b S143b
  Detention S142c S143c