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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nKPI and OSR Review

Purpose of the nKPI and OSR Review

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has been funded by the Department of Health to undertake a comprehensive review of the National Key Performance Indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care (nKPI) and Online Services Report (OSR) data collections. The Review will identify the current strengths and weaknesses of the collections and develop options to ensure the collections better meet the needs of health services and the Aboriginal health sector, funders, policymakers, and researchers, particularly in the context of changing policies (such as the Closing the Gap refresh).

The Review will focus on ways to:

  • Better align the two collections and ensure that potential synergies between the two collections are understood and exploited
  • Reduce the reporting burden on services
  • Improve the usefulness and value of the data to various stakeholders, including the organisations who collect and report the data, their supporting organisations, policymakers, and researchers
  • Ensure the purpose of each item collected is clear and defined, and that the data support current and emerging health priorities.
How is the Review being conducted?

The first part of the Review will focus on two components:

  • An analysis of relevant literature, including program reviews, other indicator sets, frameworks and national strategies, and policy documents.
  • Input and feedback will be sought from key stakeholders, including the organisations reporting to the collections, government departments, peak bodies, research centres, software vendors, and national committees.

AIHW will draw together the findings from these components and develop actionable options for improving the collections in consultation with key stakeholders. A final report to the Department is expected in December 2018.

We are seeking feedback from organisations reporting to the nKPI and/or the OSR

All organisations who report to either (or both) of the collections will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback into the Review.

An online survey about the OSR collection is available for you to provide input here:

We would appreciate feedback by Friday 12th October

A survey regarding the nKPI collection will be available soon.

We are also happy to discuss the collections over the phone – if you are interested, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will schedule a time to talk you. We will provide you with some questions in advance.

What will happen to the information collected, and is privacy and confidentiality assured?

All information collected will be stored electronically on a secure area of the AIHW system until the end of the review, at which point they will be destroyed. Only those on the project team at the AIHW (who have signed confidentiality undertakings) will have access to the data.

Participant privacy and the confidentiality of information disclosed by participants is assured at all times. The identity of participants and the organisation will not be disclosed at any time without permission. AIHW may use direct quotes in the context of reporting the findings of the review – however, we will ensure that the participant and the service/organisation is not identifiable.

The information will be used only for this project, and will not be used in any extended or future project without first obtaining explicit written consent from participants.

Where can I find more information?

Further information can be obtained from Dr Deanna Pagnini (0403 755 255), Mr Dan Miller (02 6244 1295) or through [email protected]

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