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Employees matter: State of the Service report 2018-19 tabled

The results of the 2019 APS Employee Survey conducted from 6 May to 7 June this year were tabled in both houses of Parliament with the State of the Service Report 2018­-19 on 26 November 2019.

The report highlights the changing APS and the need to adapt to ensure it is positioned to meet new and emerging challenges into the future.

Overall the AIHW ranked 5th in engagement and 6th in wellbeing when compared with 97 Commonwealth agencies APS wide.

AIHW data from the census showed that we improved from the previous year in wellbeing, employee engagement, and workplace culture. Numbers regarding how the AIHW handles change remained the same during a period of continuing growth and product innovation. There were also noted improvements to areas such as effective internal communication, working beyond what is required to achieve agency goals and reduced feelings of unrealistic time pressures.

To support the ongoing growth in both the work and staff numbers at the AIHW, there have been recent structural changes to strengthen the capacity of the institute. Specifically, the addition of a new Group Head to manage the increased workload, and the formation of a Statistical Leadership Committee to bolster our core capability in data management and statistical analysis.

The APS census results reinforce our strong culture of collaboration and commitment to excellence. We also recognise that the skills and commitment of our staff help position us to deliver leading data and statistical information on Australia’s health and welfare.

For the first time, many agencies are opting to publicly release their APS employee census results. To view the AIHW's employee census result, visit our careers section here.


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