Integrating Authority

If a project requires the integration of Australian Government data, the linkage must be undertaken by an Integrating Authority.

The AIHW, an international leader in data linkage, is an accredited Integrating Authority. This means we have met stringent criteria covering project governance, capability and data management. The AIHW abides by the principles for data integration involving Australian Government data for statistical and research purposes, and the best practice guidelines. We can integrate Australian data for high-risk research projects because we uphold strict privacy and confidentiality requirements.

Legislation permits us to release data and we have the technical capability and governance to do so safely and securely. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987 enables us to provide researchers with secure access to data and information about vital health and welfare topics. The AIHW also complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

The Data Integration Services Centre

When linking data, the AIHW uses a separate computer network which is not connected to the internet or any other AIHW system. This is called the secure Data Integration Services Centre (DISC) linkage environment.

The AIHW uses best practice technology, procedures and policies to protect data.