currently smoke: Reported smoking daily, weekly or less than weekly at the time of the survey.

current use of e-cigarettes: Reported using electronic cigarettes and vapes daily, weekly, monthly or less than monthly.

daily smoking: Reported smoking tobacco at least once a day (includes manufactured (packet) cigarettes, roll-your-own cigarettes, cigars or pipes). Excludes chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes (and similar) and smoking of non‑tobacco products.

do not smoke: Never smoked tobacco, or smoked tobacco previously but not currently (ex-smoking).

electronic cigarettes and vapes (ecigarettes): Devices where users inhale vapour rather than smoke. The inhaled vapour usually contains flavourings and may contain nicotine as well.

second-hand smoking (also called passive smoking): The exposure to tobacco smoke, or the chemicals in tobacco smoke, without actually smoking.