Researcher eligibility

Before you complete your project proposal form

  1. Is your project purpose in line with the AIHW Ethics Committee approved themes of research (epidemiological and statistical research, service use and medication dispensing and patient journeys, identifying groups or cohorts of interest or monitoring, evaluation and data quality improvement)?
  2. Does someone in your team have the ability to use at least one of the statistical analytical languages available in the secure remote environment (e.g. R, Python, Stata)?
  3. Is your proposed research in the public interest and benefit?
  4. Can you confirm that your research is not for commercial gain?
  5. Can you confirm that your project will not name people or name facilities?
  6. Is everyone from your research team either employed by Government or employed by an agency funded by Government?
  7. Do you have the support of the organisation you work for?
  8. Are all your team members located in Australia?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, your project is likely not suitable at present. Please get in touch with AIHW at [email protected] if you would like to chat more about your project.

If you answer ‘Yes’ to all these questions, please complete a project proposal form and send to [email protected]:

Doc DownloadNational COVID-19 Linked Data Set Project Proposal (DOC 710kB)