National Centre for Monitoring Chronic Conditions

The AIHW has a long history of monitoring and reporting on chronic conditions, risk factors and health outcomes among the Australian population.

In 2016, the National Centre for Monitoring Chronic Conditions (NCMCC) was formed in response to the need for a more streamlined, integrated and prioritised approach for reporting on chronic conditions.

The NCMCC integrates reporting on chronic conditions comorbidity and risk factors with disease-specific monitoring to provide a ‘bigger picture’ of chronic conditions in Australia. In so doing, it brings together work programs on: 

  • cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and chronic kidney disease
  • chronic respiratory conditions
  • chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Advisory groups

The NCMCC seeks input from a range of experts to obtain expert clinical and technical advice. This includes specific expert groups on cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions and asthma and other chronic respiratory conditions.

Where do I go for more information?

More information on chronic conditions is available on the Chronic disease - Overview page.


National Centre for Monitoring Chronic Conditions
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