Dementia Data Partnerships Projects

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) is contracted by the Department of Health and Aged Care (the department) to design and administer a program of Dementia Data Partnership Projects (partnership projects) to enable researchers, health and aged care organisations and other organisations with relevant expertise and/or data holdings to work with the AIHW to:

  1. help resolve key dementia data gaps in health, disability, and aged care systems
  2. contribute to filling knowledge gaps in priority areas of dementia monitoring, or
  3. improve the quality and utility of dementia data for national monitoring


  • making long term, sustainable changes to the availability and quality of dementia data, and/or
  • establishing one-off or ongoing provision of data to the AIHW to help create or improve dementia data collections or methods.

It is important to note that Partnership Projects are not research grants – the NCMD will release tender documentation for identified procurement projects using AusTender and formally contract successful tenderers to complete specific projects.

Partnership projects

The need for better dementia data

The expected increase in the number of people with dementia will create challenges for the health and aged care systems to deliver high quality services and support to those with dementia and their carers, train health and aged care workers, and develop effective prevention and treatment strategies. Addressing these challenges will require a strong evidence base that provides accurate, relevant and timely data on dementia for policy development, service planning and research. However, significant dementia data gaps exist in Australia – for example, the prevalence and impact of dementia is currently estimated using data from multiple disparate data sources established for other, mainly administrative purposes, or using data from international epidemiological studies.

Identifying potential partnership projects

There are two main documents which help establish priorities for developing and improving dementia data in Australia:

Administration of partnership projects

Further information

The following publications provide greater detail on previously identified data needs for dementia monitoring, and how dementia data may be used for monitoring and reporting purposes:

The AIHW dementia reports webpage provides links to AIHW dementia-related publications, including the regularly updated web report Dementia in Australia.

All other enquiries should be emailed to: [email protected].