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National Centre for Monitoring Vascular Diseases


The National Centre for Monitoring Vascular Diseases (NCMVD) brings together the former National Centres for Monitoring Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes.

The NCMVD will continue to monitor cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) individually but will also have a broader cross-disease emphasis, reflecting the interrelated nature of these chronic diseases. These diseases share risk factors and protective behaviours, are risk factors for each other and often co-exist.

The work of the Centre covers prevention, treatment, management and mortality for CVD, diabetes and CKD, as well as their impact on different population groups across the Australian community.


Collate and analyse data on cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic kidney disease to:

  • monitor and report on these diseases and their determinants
    • across the life course
    • through the development and trajectory of disease
    • as they interrelate
    • as they relate to chronic disease more broadly and
    • across levels of intervention within the health care system
  • provide timely and appropriate, high quality information for national planning and policy development; and
  • provide expert advice and information.

Advisory Groups

The NCMVD seeks input from a range of experts to obtain expert clinical and technical advice. This includes advisory groups—the National Vascular Diseases Monitoring Advisory Group and specific Expert Working Groups for cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease and diabetes.


National Centre for Monitoring Vascular Diseases
GPO Box 570

Ph: 02 6244 1000

Fax: 02 6244 1299

Cardiovascular disease – [email protected]
Chronic kidney disease – [email protected]
Diabetes – [email protected]