Alcohol and other drug treatment services (AODTS) provide support to people regarding their use of alcohol or drugs. Treatment objectives can include reduction or cessation of alcohol or drug use as well as improvements to social and personal functioning. Assistance may also be provided to support the family and friends of people who use alcohol or drugs.

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Treatment agencies provided around 235,500 treatment episodes to an estimated 131,500 people aged 10 and over

3 in 5 people who received treatment were male (60%) and half (50%) were aged 20–39

Of the 235,500 AOD treatment episodes provided, counselling was the most common treatment (34%)

53,272 clients received opioid pharmacotherapy treatment in 2023

There were 3,082 opioid pharmacotherapy dosing sites in 2023

There were 3,123 authorised opioid pharmacotherapy prescribers

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