In 2017–18, 159,000 children received child protection services (investigation, care and protection order and/or in out-of-home care)—this was a rate of 28.7 per 1,000 children.

Of children receiving child protection services in 2017–18, 105,000 were the subject of an investigation (19.0 per 1,000), 67,200 were on a care and protection order (12.2 per 1,000) and 55,300 were in out-of-home care (10.0 per 1,000) (Figure 1).

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Children may receive a combination of child protection services meaning that links and overlaps exist between the data collections for notification, investigation and substantiation; care and protection orders; and out-of-home care.

Over half (56%) of children receiving child protection services during 2017–18 were subject only to an investigation (that is, they were not subsequently placed on an order or in out-of-home care) and 7% of children were involved in all 3 components of the system (Figure 2.2).

Figure 2: Children receiving child protection services by components of service received, 2017–18

Source: Child protection Australia 2017–18 Figure 2.2, Table S1