National Dementia Action Plan

The National Dementia Action Plan (NDAP) is a 10-year policy initiative from Commonwealth and state and territory governments with a vision that Australians understand dementia, and people living with dementia and their carers have the best quality of life possible and have support (DoHAC 2022).

The draft plan includes 7 objectives with focus areas under each objective (Table 2.1). Objective 7 specifically covers improving dementia data and maximising impact through focus areas of research and innovation, translation of research into practice, improving data and data systems, and collection of data for monitoring improvement. Improving data collections, intelligence and monitoring systems is an immediate priority of the NDAP.

This data improvement plan will address focus areas 7.3 and 7.4 of the draft NDAP by improving data and information systems and regularly reporting data. The effectiveness of the NDAP will be assessed though regular monitoring and reporting against performance measures to indicate progress in focus areas of the objectives. The performance measures were developed with dementia experts, peak bodies, state and territory governments and public consultation.

Table 2.1: Objectives and focus areas of the draft National Dementia Action Plan

Source: National Dementia Action Plan consultation paper.