Lower levels of dental satisfaction were reported by:

  • younger age groups;
  • cardholders who received their most recent dental care at a public clinic;
  • migrants; and
  • residents of rural and remote locations.

Cost satisfaction was low, particularly among uninsured cardholders and non-cardholders who attended private practices.

During the period since the 1994-96 surveys, overall satisfaction with dental care had declined. Decreases in satisfaction scores were most evident among older adults, cardholders who last visited a private practice, and rural/remote dwellers.

The strongest predictors of higher satisfaction scores were older age and the last dental visit being at a private practice rather than a public clinic. Personal financial constraints had negative associations with all satisfaction scales.

Detailed companion statistical tables (context, content and outcome scores) for the 1999 Dental Satisfaction Survey and comparisons with the combined 1994-96 surveys are available at the web site listed below.