PDF table of contents

Preliminaries (34kB PDF)
Acknowledgements; Summary

  1. Introduction (67kB PDF)
    1. Background and purpose of the study
    2. The CSDA 'on the ground' in 1996-97
    3. Conceptual framework for the study
  2. The level of current unmet demand for accommodation and support, respite services and day programs (75kB PDF)
    1. Introduction
    2. Accommodation and support and respite
    3. Day programs
    4. Other data sources
  3. Cost of meeting current unmet demand (59kB PDF)
    1. Costing unmet demand
    2. Costing method and available data sources
    3. The costs per place and per client of meeting unmet demand
    4. The total costs to government of meeting unmet demand for these services
  4. Projected growth in demand (75kB PDF)
    1. Projected growth in population
    2. Projected growth in population with a severe or profound handicap
    3. Other demographic factors
    4. Carers and families
    5. De-institutionalisation
    6. Growth estimates and trends: Overview

End matter (347kB PDF)

  • References
  • Appendixes
    • Appendix tables list
    • Section 1
    • Section 2
    • Section 3
    • Section 4