Data sources for monitoring family, domestic and sexual violence

Building a comprehensive picture of family, domestic and sexual violence requires information to be drawn from many different data sources (See Figure 1.1). The AIHW’s Family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia reports bring together a range of national data collections and surveys to report on prevalence, responses and impacts of family, domestic and sexual violence. Further information on these data sources is available in this online FDSV data compendium to assist researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners.

Figure 1.1: Data sources for measuring family, domestic and sexual violence 
The data sources used by this report are: Police, court, connections data, Homelessness services data,	Survey and research data,	Coronial and death data, Hospitals data, Social support and FDSV services

The FDSV data compendium provides information about the key organisations and agencies that publish family, domestic, and sexual violence statistics. The compendium supplements the information available on the ABS’ Directory of family, domestic and sexual violence statistics, 2018. Further information is available on the ABS Directory.

The AIHW is data custodian for several administrative collections and surveys that capture information about FDSV. A summary of the key features of these AIHW data collections are included in this FDSV data compendium and further details are available on the AIHW’s data catalogue.

Further information on the metadata and data standards used in these data collections is on the Metadata Online Registry (METEOR) page.