Department of Human Services Centrelink Data, 2017–18

First year: 2012–13

Latest year: 2017–18

Frequency: Ongoing

Years in this publication: 2017–18

Size: 16,526 clients

Methodology: Administrative data set

Geography: National


The Commonwealth Department of Human Services offers support to people experiencing family and domestic violence. Support is accessible in the form of resources, information and referrals. Financial aid is available to eligible individuals as a one-off crisis payment. This payment aims to provide emergency finance to people who are leaving violent relationships.

Scope and coverage

The Department of Human Services Centrelink data records details of individuals seeking one-off crisis payments in 2017–18. 

To qualify for a crisis payment, a person must be experiencing extreme circumstances, such as leaving a violent relationship. The payment is equivalent to the person’s existing fortnightly income support rate, and is only available to people that meet specific criteria. People receiving a crisis payment due to domestic and family violence are classified as domestic violence victims.

The one-off crisis payment is available nationally for every state and territory.

FDSV definition

Domestic and family violence is defined by the Department of Human Services as any behaviour by a family member that is violent, threatening, controlling or intended to elicit fear or the feeling of being unsafe. Types of family and domestic violence that are included in the Department of Human Service’s definition are:

  • Physical violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Verbal or emotional abuse
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Stalking
  • Technology facilitated abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Elder abuse

For more information, visit Department of Human Services, Crisis Payment.