Specialist Homelessness Services Collection (SHSC) data cubes

About the SHSC data cubes

A data cube is a multidimensional representation of a data set that allows you to select, filter and arrange aggregated data. The SHSC data cubes contain data for 2011–12 to 2017–18, where available. The data are separated into multiple cubes to ensure that client confidentiality is retained in accordance with legislation and agreements supporting the data collection, while at the same time maximising functionality for data cube users.

When using the cubes, please acknowledge the source as: AIHW 2018. Specialist Homelessness Services Collection 2011–12 to 2017–18 data cubes. Canberra: AIHW.

Counting unit—client counts

The counting unit for the data cubes is distinct clients.

In the geographical location of client data cubes, each client contributes only once to each cube, even if they had multiple support periods during the financial year. The geographic location of the client is at the week before their first support period in the financial year.

In the remaining cubes (demographics, housing situation, other outcomes, services), clients are counted in each state or territory in which they received services. Because a client can receive support in multiple states or territories, the sum of the clients in the states and territories (using the ‘total’ function in the data cubes) will be greater than the number of distinct clients in Australia. To obtain the number of distinct clients in Australia for a financial year from the data cubes, select a data item other than ‘state or territory’ and use the total function.

To maintain confidentiality, age is not published (n.p.) for some clients in all data cubes where age is available. While client totals will match those in the SHSC annual report supplementary tables, totals for individual age groups may not match due to this suppression. 

Client counts may not sum to totals within and between data cubes due to rounding, suppression and weighting. See the SHSC data cubes user guide for more information.

Data items

For a full list of the data items in these cubes, and the metadata about these items, see the SHSC data cubes user guide

Further information