SHS data cubes user guide

Navigating data cubes

The first view of the data cube will include the default data categories.

Screenshot 1: Default


Selecting data items

If you wish to view other combinations of data items, these may be selected by right-clicking on any value in the table and selecting the first option in the menu, Assign Data. This will open a window where the available data items may be dragged and dropped underneath headings Columns or Rows, or moved using the options given by the Move Items button. Those under Columns will form the columns of the table; likewise for those under Rows. The remaining variables under the Hidden heading will not be used in forming the cells displayed in the table. Further options include filtering data items, applying conditional highlighting, and exporting the table.

Screenshot 2: data item selection


Once the data items have been assigned, the report can be viewed. Select OK to view your report.


Filter by right-clicking on any value in the table and select Filter and Rank

This will open a window where the filter can be set on each available data item. Select the required category, choose Filter. A list of Available values which you can filter on will appear. Use the arrow button to copy the required values to the Selected values section.

Refreshing data cubes

Sometimes after several format changes and filtering, the cube can freeze. If this happens try refreshing the browser in the first instance. This will refresh the display, reset the options, and return to the default view that is first encountered upon opening the data cube. If this doesn’t work it may be necessary to simply to open the data cube again.

Exporting data from cubes

You can export data from a cube for use in other applications such as Microsoft Excel (or Word). Once you have the required data visible in the data cube, right click the table area, tick the appropriate boxes and click OK.

Building a table

For assistance with building a table, download Building a table in the SAS Web report Studio

More help

Further help as well as a glossary can be found under the Help drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the display, or wherever a Help button is located – usually at the bottom of the various windows that open in response to a selection made by the user.