Drug use and population groups

This data visualisation presents smoking status, and drinking or illicit drug taking behaviour in the previous 12 months. Specifically, it includes estimates for the proportion of people who:

  • smoked tobacco daily
  • were ex-smokers
  • had not smoked in their lifetime
  • abstained from alcohol
  • exceeded the lifetime risk alcohol guideline
  • exceeded the single occasion risk (at least monthly) alcohol guideline
  • consumed 11 or more standard drinks in a single occasion (at least monthly)
  • used illicit drugs in the previous 12 months, including:
    • any illicit drug
    • cannabis
    • ecstasy
    • cocaine
    • meth/amphetamines (for non-medical purposes)
    • pharmaceuticals (for non-medical purposes)
    • any illicit drug excluding pharmaceuticals used for non-medical purposes.

These proportions can be viewed broken down by a number of demographics and geographic areas, including age; highest level of educational attainment; employment status; Indigenous status; diagnosis or treatment for a mental illness; level of psychological distress; remoteness; sex; sexual orientation; and socioeconomic area.

Percentages are provided for the proportion of the population that reported engaging in each behaviour, how those proportions have changed over time, and the population breakdown among people who had recently engaged in each behaviour.

Crude and age-standardised percentages are presented. Each estimate is also displayed with a 95% confidence interval.