Latest data update

6 Oct 2020

  • Remote Indigenous Communities - a case study and Snapshot of results from remote Indigenous communities surveyed in the Northern Territory added to related materials.
  • Data table: National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2019 - 8a Remote Indigenous communities supplementary table added to data.


25 Nov 2021 - The summary was updated with information on the Measuring risky drinking according to the Australian alcohol guidelines report (released 25 March 2021).

8 Sep 2020 - Correction made to page 73 under the section ‘Does behaviour change once aware of pregnancy?’.

6 Aug 2020 - Three tables in the tobacco smoking supplementary data tables were updated:

  • Two footnotes were added to Table 2.19 and Table 2.24.
  • Additional age category of 40 years and over was added to Table 2.27.