The National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) collects information on alcohol and tobacco consumption, and illicit drug use among the general population in Australia. It also surveys people’s attitudes and perceptions relating to tobacco, alcohol and other drug use. Survey findings relate mainly to people aged 14 years or older.

The findings showed that:

  • The decline in the daily smoking rate slowed in 2016 but there were more Australians never taking up smoking.
  • Fewer people exceeded the lifetime risk guidelines for alcohol use.
  • Overall illicit drug use remained stable but use of some drugs declined.
  • Australians perceived methamphetamines to be the drug of most concern to the community and was the drug most likely to be associated with a 'drug problem'.

All increases or decreases described in these key findings are statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence (unless otherwise specified). Where comparisons in figures are indicated with '≈', the change is not statistically significant.