Expenditure areas by funding sources

In 2015–16, on average $4,436 was spent on hospital services per Indigenous person in the population (of which governments contributed 83%), while this number for a non-Indigenous Australian was $2,718 (of which the government share was 78%).

The interactive figure shows the contribution of the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and non-government sector to key health expenditure areas for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian’s in 2015–16.

Viz 2. Key areas of funding for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, by source of funds, current prices, 2015–16 ($)

The bar chart shows that the biggest contribution of the Australian Government and state/territory governments to the health expenditure per person for Indigenous Australians was public hospital services, followed by medical services and community health services in 2015–16. Governments provided an estimated 78% of the total funding used to pay for health-related goods and services for Indigenous Australians, compared with 69% for non-Indigenous Australians during 2015–16. ­