Head injury hospitalisations in Australia, 2020–21: about the data

This report aims to count and describe incidents of injuries to the head that lead to hospital admission, classified by cause. 

For ease of reading, in this report, cases of hospitalisation for injury are referred to as ‘head injury hospitalisations’. However, throughout this technical note we have referred to a ‘case’ of hospitalisation for injury. This is deliberate to differentiate our count of injury hospitalisations from the usual counting unit for hospital patients which is a ‘separation’. A single incident of injury may result in multiple consecutive hospital separations, which we count as one ‘case’ of hospitalisation for injury to represent the one incident of injury. 

A person may have more than one incident of injury resulting in hospitalisation in a financial year and each case of hospitalisation will be counted separately in this report. This is because we are counting incidents of injury resulting in hospitalisation, rather than the number of people who were hospitalised due to injury, in a given financial year.