June 2024

In the section Which risk factors cause most deaths? The sentence about the combined attributable number of deaths due to individual risk factors has been updated to read: All risk factors included in the ABDS accounted for 49% of all deaths in 2018.


This report was produced by members of the Burden of Disease and Mortality Unit at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The report was authored by Karen Bishop and Katrina Sheehan under the guidance of Michelle Gourley and Richard Juckes. Melissa Goodwin, Wendy Ho and Lauren Oakley Browne reviewed the report. Matilda Pulford undertook data checking for the report.

Valuable input was received from Lauren Moran from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The authors would also like to thank the following AIHW units their input: Dementia Data Analysis and Reporting; Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Kidney; Suicide & Self Harm Monitoring; and Family, Domestic & Sexual Violence.


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2024) What do Australians die from?, catalogue number PHE 344, AIHW, Australian Government.

Data quality statement

For more information on the AIHW National Mortality Database see Deaths data.

The data quality statements underpinning the AIHW National Mortality Database can be found in the following ABS publications: