The environment we live in, both natural and built, plays an important role in our health. Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, bushfires and storms can cause health problems, injury, hospitalisations and death. Our built environment, including neighbourhood walkability, access to public transport and air pollution, can influence how and when we do physical activity, and other aspects of our health.

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Climate change and environmental exposures cause health burden across 8 domains such as air quality and housing

30 indicators have been selected for measuring and monitoring climate change and environmental health in Australia

Indicators of environmental exposures, and linked health outcomes, such as chronic and infectious diseases are included

Sales and dispensing of inhalers for shortness of breath increased in bushfire-affected regions.

There was a clear association between poor air quality and emergency department visits for respiratory health in NSW.

In general, fewer people visited a GP when recorded air quality from bushfires was poor.