Admitted patients

Admitted patients are patients who undergo a public or private hospital’s formal admission process to receive treatment and/or care. The types of care provided include surgical care, medical care, intensive care, newborn care, rehabilitation care, palliative care, and mental health care.

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How many hospitalisations were there?

Between 2014-15 and 2018–19, hospitalisations increased on average 3.3% per year (3.7% in public hospitals and 2.6% in private hospitals). There was a smaller year-on-year increase in patient days (1.9% on average per year in public and private hospitals), however patient days per 1,000 population decreased 0.3% on average each year over this time.

In 2018–19:

  • there were 11.5 million hospitalisations (episodes of admitted patient care) in Australia’s public and private hospitals—60% of these were in public hospitals
  • in public hospitals, a large proportion of hospitalisations were emergency admissions (43%), while in private hospitals, hospitalisations were more likely to be elective (81%)
  • public hospitals accounted for the majority of emergency admissions (92%), childbirth hospitalisations (77%) and medical hospitalisations (76%). Private hospitals accounted for 59% of surgical hospitalisations and 60% of mental health carehospitalisations
  • there were 2.3 million hospitalisations involving elective surgery—34% of these were in public hospitals and 66% in private hospitals

Almost half of admitted patient days were for older Australians

In 2018–19:

  • 43% of hospitalisations and 50% of patient days were for people aged 65 and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 5% of hospitalisations (559,000), and they were hospitalised at 2.3 times the rate of other Australians
  • diseases of the digestive system accounted for 9.5% of hospitalisations (over 1.0 million) and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue accounted for a further 7% of hospitalisations
  • in public hospitals, 84% of hospitalisations (5.8 million) were for public patients. The remaining 16% of hospitalisations were funded by other sources—the majority (882,000, 13%) were for patients who used private health insurance to fund all or part of their admission
  • in contrast, 83% of hospitalisations in private hospitals were funded by private health insurance, 7% were self-funded and 4% were public patients.