Spending on non-admitted patient care

This section presents information on the main sources of funding for non-admitted patient services, including:

  • funding sources for individual and group service events
  • funding sources by type of service (Tier 2 Clinic Class).

In 2022–23, non-admitted patient activity is measured using data from 2 different sources:

  • clinic-level data from the National Non-admitted Patient Care aggregate Database (NNAPC(agg)D) are used to describe overall non-admitted patient care reported
  • episode-level data from the National Non-admitted Patient episode-level Database (NNAP(el)D) accounts for 83% of non-admitted patient service events. These service events are used to provide more detailed information, including:
    • patient characteristics of those who used these services
    • how the services were delivered
    • the type of care provided.