Leading causes of disease burden

Ranking diseases by burden shows the leading causes of health loss in Australia. Changes in rankings over time may be due to changes in disease prevalence (including epidemics) or changes to how causes of data are collected, reported or coded. 

This visualisation shows the leading 25 causes of disease burden (YLL, YLD or DALY) in Australia in 2023 compared with previous years (2003, 2011, 2015 and 2018) ranked by: 

  • age-standardised rate (ASR) of disease burden, which takes into account differences in population age structure and size between years. This graph can be filtered by sex.
  • the number of YLL, YLD or DALY. This graph can be filtered by sex and/or age group. 

Note that rankings are a relative measure and changes in rank over time do not always mean the disease or injury has increased or decreased in the population. Leading causes of YLL are based on Australian Burden of Disease Study 2023 methods and will not be comparable to leading causes of death reported elsewhere due to modelling and cause of death alignment to diseases. Further, estimates for COVID‑19 have no ranking in previous years which were prior to the pandemic (2003, 2011, 2015 and 2018). For a discussion of results related to leading causes of burden, refer to the Key findings.

Figure 3.4: Leading causes of disease burden in Australia

This interactive visualisation compares changes over time in Australia’s leading cause of burden rankings by age-standardised rate and burden amount.